Our Partners

Logo Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto collaborated financially in the development of the 810 Pa towers through their Rio Tinto Fund at the SVA.
Rio Tinto helped us find suppliers so that we could receive the extrusions in time to obtain our first major contract.

Logo Université de Sherbrooke

The structural department with professors Sébastien Langlois, P.Eng. and Charles-Philippe Lamarche, B.Eng. validated the structural capacity in accordance with the CSA-S37-18 and TIA-222-H standards as well as the deployment of the towers on the North American continent.

Logo Centre québecois de recherche et de développement de l'aluminium

The CQRDA facilitated the networking between the different partners of the project, and supported us as an expert consultant in research and development.

Logo Serdex International

Serdex helped us with the management of the marketing as well as with the approaching of granting organizations. It also supported us with the deployment of the digital strategy.

Logo AluQuébec

Sharing of knowledge related to the phenomenon of galvanic corrosion.

Logo Société de la Vallée de l'aluminium

Sharing of knowledge related to the phenomenon of galvanic corrosion.

Réseau TransAl

Trans-Al accompanied us in the framework of equipment modernization.

Logo Agence Interrégionale de Développement des Technologies de l'information et des Communications

Aide-Tic participated financially in the development of the initial prototype.

Logo Investissement Québec

IQ participates financially as part of the PSCE and supports us with the international development.

Logo Centre d'entrepreneuriat et d'essaimage

CEE-UQAC has provided financial support for studies on the structure of towers.

Logo Elkem

As a long-time partner of REMAC, Elkem has supported us throughout this project in many different ways.

Logo Groupe Gilbert

Réjean, Germain and Groupe Gilbert support the project by relocating one of their subsidiaries, thus offering REMAC a more adequate location to support the expansion of the telecom sector.